Ronny’s Story

Ronny Corbin here. I’m a Singer/Songwriter from Texas. Going to gigs with my dad, who played lead guitar for country great Gene Watson, started it all for me. That exposure, along with learning to play, write and sing gave me a great sense of adventure. I have always been motivated by the journey of life and writing the songs that tell the stories.

By age 18, I’d seen all of Texas so I hit the road with my guitar, a fishing rod, 150 bucks and an old red truck. I made it all the way to Alaska, talked and sang my way into a job guiding fishing trips. Since we didn’t have TV or even a radio out in the bush, we would fish during the day and play for our clients every night. I spent 13 years fishing, flying and playing music at lodges and bars.

It was in Alaska where I first took to the skies. Airplanes are as common as cars everywhere else. After all that time in “The Bush” I traded away the float planes for airliners. I’ve flown for 6 carriers, Captained several aircraft and been a Training Department Manager where I hired, trained and periodically evaluated a few hundred pilots who fly you and yours around the world today. Such a blessing to have that opportunity and responsibility ! Net result is I’ve been furloughed 9 times, twice by United Airlines. Needless to say the Airline industry has been a fun but very unstable ride! The one thing that has always kept me moving along with a smile has been music! It’s my Prozak ! There is always a song for every story and always folks to play it to ! Another great blessing! Life brings experience and the journey along our way is what we sing about.

Writing and performing are my passion and are a full time commitment. For me, music is about the journey of life and all it’s stories. Some precious and some tragic. I am committed to making music that grows with the times while keeping a sense of responsibility and a sense of humor. Today our journeys (Song Lines) have brought us together, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to the music and the musician.